Photo Guidelines

At bTroo, we believe in being true to yourself and others. That means showing off your authentic self in your photos, not some filtered or fake version. We want you to find your match, not get catfished. So here are some simple rules for uploading photos on our app:


Show your face

We want to see your beautiful smile, not your dog, car, or sunset. Please upload photos that clearly show your face and avoid using filters, Snapchat, Photoshop, or anything that alters your appearance. Trust us, you look great just the way you are.


Be current

Don’t use photos from 10 years ago or when you had a different hair color. We want to see the real you, right now. Please upload photos that reflect how you look today, not how you wish you looked.


Be clear

If you upload photos with other people, make sure it’s obvious which one is you. Don’t make us play Where’s Waldo with your profile. And please add at least one solo photo of yourself, so we can admire you without distractions.


Be respectful

No nudity or explicit sexual content, please. This is not the place for that. bTroo is a safe and respectful community for people looking for genuine and lasting relationships. So keep it classy and tasteful.


Be careful

Don’t share photos that include your contact information, such as phone number, email address, social media account, etc. This is for your own safety and privacy. We will remove any photos that contain such information and may ban your account if you do it repeatedly.


Be legal

Don’t share any photos of illegal activity, hateful imagery, violence, offense, or anything else that is inappropriate for a dating site. We will remove any such photos and may also ban your account if you violate this rule.

be-original (2)

Be original

Don’t share photos that are not yours or that you don’t have permission to use. This includes screenshots of chats or messages with other people, photos of other people who have complained, photos of children without parental consent, or copyrighted photos. We will remove any such photos and may also ban your account if you do it.

Basically, if a photo is not true to who you are, don’t share it. We want you to have fun and find love on bTroo, but we also want you to be safe and respectful. Thank you for following these rules and being part of our awesome community! 😊

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