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bTroo is a relationship app that is focused on creating meaningful connections that lead to serious relationships by taking looks out of the spotlight and allowing conversation to be at the forefront.  bTroo ends the days of “blind” swiping, shallow conversations and distractions. This is the place for you to be true to yourself and others.

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Why Us?

bTroo wishes to eliminate the time and energy wasted by users in the online dating world. Nowadays, users have to face a broad selection of potential partners, however, we try to specifically target them for the user, based on our revolutionary algorithm. In addition, bTroo helps the users with the conversation, by keeping it fun and alive, with icebreakers, conversation boosters and games in order to create a deeper and stronger bond between you and your match.


Learn the secrets of finding and keeping your true love in the online dating world. Read juicy stories, get expert advice, and take fun quizzes that reveal your personality and compatibility. Join a community of smart, savvy, and inviting singles who are looking for meaningful relationships.

Check out our blog at bTroo today. bTroo is not just a relationship app, it’s also your ultimate source of inspiration, entertainment, and education for anyone who wants to spice up their love life. Our blog is full of everything you need to know about dating, from tips on how to create a captivating profile, to tricks on how to make your first date unforgettable, to hacks on how to keep the romance alive.

Our Philosophy

We, as you guys, face many problems derived from current dating apps. Too many matches at the same time, or not enough. Difficulty in initiating a conversation that will stand out among the many other conversations that our matches are already having. People ghosting without any reason, and the reminder of their presence in the app. Superficial or bland conversations. Catfishing or people that just don’t look like they present themselves. You get the picture.

In bTroo we aim to solve all of this, and more. We believe that look might be important, but the conversation is much more. Thus, we at bTroo focus on improving not only the people you will match to, but also the experience you can have with them.

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