Community Guidelines

Be the reason they swipe less and love more: 


Be True

Show people who you are by being honest and presenting the real you. Make sure that what you share is accurate and that your photos are not misleading or outdated.


Be Available

We want to help people find meaningful relationships, so we ask our community to be available for such relationships. This is not a platform for casual hookups or self-promotion on social media (anyone who puts their social media account in the bio section will be removed). 


Be Interactive

We want people to find long-lasting relationships, and this can only happen if both sides try to get to know each other. Ask questions, share personal stories, and be open to getting to know people on a deeper level. 

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Be Respectful

Treat people with respect and be calm and considerate with them. Accept others’ wishes and don’t be rude if they don’t match yours. If things aren’t working out, try to be honest about it instead of ghosting – everybody deserves that. We will not tolerate any harassment, violence of any form, or hate speech. Users who act in such a manner will be banned from our platform. 


Be Safe

Always be cautious when interacting with someone you don’t know. You can block and report anyone who violates your safety – please let us know if that happens!


Use Only Photos of Yourself

As we said, be yourself. That also includes using only photos of yourself and not of others; don’t pretend to be someone else in any way. In addition, don’t upload photos where you are not visible or are outdated; such photos will be removed.


No Nudity or Pornography

Keep things clean! Don’t upload any nudity or sexually explicit content, and don’t share your sexual desires with everyone. Don’t Spam or Promote Don’t use this platform to direct people to external websites via a link or otherwise. We may delete your account if you do so.


No Minors

You must be 18 years of age or older to use bTroo. It is strictly prohibited to post photos of unaccompanied minors on our platform. Please immediately report any profile that has any photos or information about minors, that encourages harm to minors, or that depicts a minor in a sexual or suggestive way.


Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Using bTroo for anything illegal is a violation of bTroo’s guidelines. Any attempt to buy, sell, or advertise controlled substances or anything else that is illegal will get your account deleted.

Any user who does not follow these guidelines will receive a warning, unless we decide to block them without warning at our discretion. Ignoring our warning may result in the removal of the user’s account.

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